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New Music Project (link to myspace)


Since leaving the band 'Yes Sir Boss' I've been taking a new approach to music composition. The idea is to write more performable material by using a unified line up for all the tracks in the project.I'm also trying my hand at songwriting.

Please take a wee look ;->=



Solid State


Made on a sunny afternoon in Bristol.

I've been experimenting with some new production and mastering techniques to make my tracks appear louder. Still need to fine tune them though.



Triggers & Shapes


This is the first track I have made for the DJ Allergy Project for about 2 years. Many apologies for the long break.

Not a lot of midi data in this one. Mostly it consists of effects wiring and automation.




OK don't ask about the name cos I don't know either. This is the latest addition to the 'Micro Allergy Project'.





Cameraface EP

Project Info

Year: 2007
Project: Ambient Electro / Breakbeat EP

Please listen to this EP in order.

The idea behind this project was to create a continuous play CD that serves as ambient music to fit into the background of social gatherings at bars and parties, etc. Textures of audio shift over each other within the tracks over time, which one can listen to either consciously or as background music. The album as a whole creates a larger composition of its own shape, reaching a climatic peak, and settling down at the end.

I've always been interested in the effect music has as an aesthetic to an atmosphere. Often when I listen to music, I imagine places, colours, scenarios and atmospheres. I wanted this album to therefore act as accompanying music rather than forefront. Having said that, it will occasionally make you aware of its presence with a weird noise or transition.


No Input Sampling

Project Info

Year: 2006
Project: Experimentation with digital noise EP CD

The intention of no input sampling is to create an album that is created directly from the pure sound of a computers internal workings. The restrictions I have given to myself are as follows.

No Inputs - The computer may be assigned to record from any input (i.e. the mic or line inputs). However no input devices may be attached (like mics or line cables).
No synthesized sound – No internal soft synths or purposely made tone creating devices may be used (like a modem phone dialling program)
- Internal sampling is permitted – i.e. Soft Samplers and wave modification.
Internal effects and sound affecting devices are also permitted – this includes waveform Normalization (100% Internal Amplification), filters, equalizers, delay loops, noise reduction and other general effects.


Micro Allergy

Project Info

Project:Experimentation with Chiptunes

A small collection of chiptunes created using Commodore 64 SID chip samples and soft synth patches created by myself. I started this in April 2007 after doing some research into the genres of Chiptunes and Bitpop.

Track 2 'Super Wet Wet Atlantis' made its way into the micromusic chip charts ;->=


The Techno Era

Project Info

Project: Drum & Bass Mix

This is a mix of Drum & Bass tunes I made using Cool Edit and Reason from 2001 - 2002 (when I was about 18). I used to make a lot of drum and bass at this time, and hide the tracks away in some dark corner of my computer. The Techno Era is simply an application of this material to a larger mix that I played live in a local night club.


Vendetta Online

Project Info

Year: 2006
Project: Computer Game Soundtrack

Over the course of 2006, I've been composing and producing music and sound for Guild software's MMORPG Vendetta Online. All of the music for this project is available here



Project Info

Year: 2003
Project: Mixed Genres CD Album

This project began in 2002 using Reason and Cool Edit, and is the first CD album I made. It was intended that the album had a style that matched that of the tracks 'Ethnic Shok' and 'Operative'. It ended up being somewhat more eclectic, as I was still finding my own method style at this time.




Automated Piece of Shit

The original track that later developed into 'The Magical Monkey' on the 'Reactions' CD.


Sampled from the 2003 animated film 'Belleville Rendezvous'. This track was written to accompany a catwalk collection for designer Chloe Fitzjohn, for a fashion show in Wales.


Made in one evening with the legendary Dominic Bird of 'Apewax Films'. Check them out on Youtube


Made for a friend of mine. This is a cover of a track from Sega's epic RPG 'Panzer Dragoon Saga'.


One of the first tracks I made using Reason in 2002.



I made this one during the creation of the Reactions album. It was originally intended to be part of it. I was never quite happy with it, and couldn't get the end to work, so I eventually abandoned it.



I sampled singing bowls and my voice singing an indian raga (at the time my microphone was pretty shocking). Later enters some wine glasses and some drum brushes hitting various household objects. I may do something else along these lines in the future.


Jelly Totz

I was in a good mood.




Another track written for a fashion show in Wales. This time for a contemporary collection of dresses based on traditional indian design.



Made shortly after the release of the 'Reactions' album. It would have made a nice addition.


ON (Cover)

Using the melody from Aphex Twin's 'On'. Otherwise a totally different track.


Puzzle Game

Written for a fictitious puzzle game, created solely for the purpose of writing this track. OK?


Reactive Material


I started this track during the creation of the 'Reactions' album. I never seemed to be able to finish it before the release, so it never made it onto the album. I have worked on it since, and have managed to make something more interesting out of it.


State of Rest

Made at the time of the 'Reactions' album. Slow and simple chord progressions, and frantic rhythms.




Written on a train ride using the touch pad on my laptop and headphones. It was a good experiment to see what could be done without a keyboard or mic.



My first attempt at a trance track with Reason. One of the first things I did with the program back in 2002.




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A traveling festival and online community for chip tune composers. The DJ Allergy track Super Wet Wet Atlantis featured in their charts for a while, so cuddles to you, Micromusic. A great place to go whether you're new or old to the world of chip tunes and want to discover new artists.



A solo vocalist who uses live electronics to build compositions with her voice. A great composer and a good friend, cuddles to you. Her manipulated vocal chords can be heard on the DJ Allergy track Just Another Dream, and all of the music on her myspace was produced by myself.



Yes Sir Boss
I spent 3 years traveling around with this band, as their drummer, graphic designer, web designer and co-producer. We had some laughs and they're all good friends of mine, so cuddles go out to these guys. May you move on to find a more badass drummer and achieve bigger and louder things.



Vendetta Online
In 2006 I worked with guild software to create music for this online RPG. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it all, so cuddles.





Lui G
A more revealing Alias of myself.