About Lewis

I'm a 29 year old bearded man, living in Bristol. I would consider myself to be an artist, but not in an exclusively creative kind of way. I enjoy rational thought, science and mathematics, every bit as much as psychedelic abstract expression. For most of my life, I have been a musician. I also enjoy making images and 3D environments, as well as websites and videos. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to be creative, and this website is a way for me to combine many of the projects I have worked on in the past into one place.

An experiment making music with Unity

Here’s a concept for a step sequenced computer game, that generates music as you play. Very light weight design for mobile devices and web. Please follow the link (click on the 9) and have a play :-)


notes: This works in the web browser (although Chrome no longer supports it), you will need to download the unity web player to run it (which is totally worth doing). Also, you may need to right click on it and allow it to run if you have web security that blocks it.

Up, Down and Space
W,S and Left mouse click
Also works with USB control pads



I appear to have amassed enough videos on my YouTube channel to warrant them being categorized into playlists. ‘Quite an interesting process really, finding coherence in a mess of works.

We have.

My Video Blog : I don’t do these frequently, but I won’t stop either.

My computer game music videos : Videos created using computer game engines along with music I have performed and written.

Video Songs : These are split screen videos of myself recording the various overdubs to a complete arrangement of music. In these I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and I Sing. Then I synch up the videos of the various takes to effectively duplicate myself playing everything together.  Some videos are covers, and some are original.

Favorites : The power of influence is with the first follower.

and more

Click here to away and watch my magical playlist of playlists.
Enjoy, n’ ting