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Yama Warashi is a band formed by Yoshino Shigihara. I play bass guitar and sing in this band.

Dubi Dolczek

Dubi Dolczek is a band formed by Graeme Smith. I play synths, percussion and I sing for this band.

A Bristol based band started by myself in late 2011. I wrote the music and fronted the band as well as designing the artwork and website. We produced an album that goes by the name of ‘Sleepwalker’. The project came to an end in 2012. Most of the music can be listened to for free.

A place for my homemade music videos

From 2002 I have been making electronic music at home under the alias of ‘Allergy’. Over the years, this has taken the form of several albums and a website, all created by myself. The music has always been free to download, and royalty free if credited.